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 Our Books Are Now OPEN in  the UK and INDIA 
Please note we will get back to everyone that is successful within 5 - 10 working days of applying  
Opera Singer
Sleeping Baby
Modern Ballet Dancers
Young Blonde Man
Hair Model Smiling
Playful Kids
Bollywood Actress
Boy with Scarf
dancing in fabric


When considering new applicants we go beyond just good looks.

In order for you or your child to become successful working in Fashion, Film, TV or in the most coveted brand catalogues 

you need to have the right attitude, mindset and radiate the right personality. 

Plus you must be agile in replying to our team's requests and strict guidelines,

especially when submitting a time-sensitive showreel,  self-tape or going for an audition.

This is a tough and highly competitive industry, therefore only the most committed, dedicated and focused

models, actors and talent, tend to succeed during any selection process.

NOTE TO PARENTS: If you are seriously considering sending in  your child's application for the first time

 then please, WATCH the guideline videos FIRST.

Afterwards, kindly fill in the form and attach your artwork and a link to HD images. 

Thank you.

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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5 Tips For Taking Better Photos Of Your Kids At Home

5 Tips For Taking Better Photos Of Your Kids At Home

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Ideas Family Photo Shoot with props in studio with natural light, Russian photographer

Ideas Family Photo Shoot with props in studio with natural light, Russian photographer

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Posing Tips For Young Families Made Simple

Posing Tips For Young Families Made Simple

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Thank you for showing interest in Joining our Award Winning Talent Agency previously known as Tiny Angel Models. We accept all artists from Extras, Models, Actors, Voiceovers, Theater Actors in the UK and India. 


As mentioned above this Industry is fast paced & demanding, and therefore we only take on artists who are committed; you must be agile in replying to our team's request and  strict terms and conditions. 

Before considering applying to our agency please read through some of our main Terms & Conditions below.


This is a SOLE AGENCY for CHILDREN (which means your child should not be with any other agency or will not be able to join any other agencies once joined with us.   

ADULTS ON LY  (18yrs Plus) we are a NON-SOLE AGENCY which allows you to join other agencies if you wish to. 

Please do not apply if you have a Sole Representation Talent Agency. 

Terms & Conditions: 

1. All artists to always act in a professional & courteous manner, and shall attend all castings, shoots that have been secured for them.

2. Artist to self-tape for all tapes requested unless you have blocked dates you are unavailable on your diary (this is provided via our in-house app) . Any Self-tapes refused, whilst showing you have the availability will be assumed as a missed self-tape. 

3. Artists to update the agency of any changes in appearance; hair colour, weight gained or loss, new tattoos or piercings etc.

4. Artists or their parents to update their profiles in a timely manner without the need for the agency to remind you; 

 - Babies under 1 - updates of photos and measurements should be updated once a month. 

 - 1 to 5 yrs - updates of photos and measurements should be done every three months. 

 - 5 yrs  to 17 yrs - updates of photos and measurements should be updated every 6 months 

 - 18yrs plus - updates of photos and measurements should be updated every year unless there are any changes in your appearance 

5. Artists to download the Tagmin APP to avoid any missed emails, and reply to all emails in a timely manner. 

6. Artist to join Spotlight we as agencies can help you and assist on how to do this. Although this is not necessary we push all our artist to be signed onto spotlight. 

7. Image Guide Lines - 

  • Try and show a range of expression rather than the same expressions on all photos. Images should be taken against a plain background. Babies lying down or sitting should be taken on a plain white sheet/blanket or against a plain background Shoot where you have lots of light (we need to see your child!)

  • Camera Angles –please keep these straight and upright. Photographs must be taken at eye level – while you or your child doesn’t need to be looking down the lens on every image, we do need at least two images where you/they are looking directly down the lens.

  • Please shoot your full-length shots landscape (this makes them easier and quicker to crop)

  • Please DO NOT use filters – or enhance features in anyway

  • CLEAN FACES!! (No dribble, food, or snot!)

  • CLEAN clothing! (No food stains, dribble stains etc.)

  • No hands-on faces – no dummies in mouths or thumb sucking

  • Babies should have their eyes open for at least 4 images (while sleeping images are super cute, we need to see baby’s eyes)

  • No one else in the shot except you (the artist)

  • No makeup, filters or retouching skin or birth marks

  • Keep hair out of face and eyes – if you or your child has long/big hair it is always good to have at least one  shot on their model card with their hair tied up/back, or hair open for the casting directors to see all of the hair.

  • No hats, headbands, big bows etc. (as cute as it looks, they aren’t needed)

  • No fancy dress costumes – keep clothing simple a plain top and jeans is perfect

If you're happy to continue and our terms & conditions above please proceed to our application page 

For all UK BASED artists including babies,  please click here


For all INDIA BASED artists 18yrs plus, please click here


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