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Help & Frequently Asked Questions

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused about any aspect of our agency work or a recent booking, then you have come to the right page. We try to answer the most common modelling and representation queries on this page, however if you're still in need of help please join our Tiny Angel Models Facebook page, the Tiny Angel models Parents Group or contact our office directly.


There are several key questions that arise time and time again and on this page we have added the top ones . However, we may have missed your particular question or query. If you wish to submit a new enquiry please click the button at the bottom of the page, fill a form and we will reply to all queries as soon as we receive them. Thank you. 

In House Update Session?

An in house update session is a professional photoshoot session organized by Global Artistic Performers Ltd These take place 3 to 4 times a year and are booked for members of the agency or newly accepted models and talent. They offer value for money because the models pay a reduced fee for these tailored sessions. Up to 23 models on average participate in the full day shoots. They take place in London, UK and Mumbai, India 

How long do I need to wait after the Sessions to receive the photos?

After the in house photoshoot sessions it can take up to 2 weeks to have the best selection of portrait, waist up and full body photographs from our office straight into your email inbox. 

The best part is, our agency knows exactly what photos are most likely to be accepted by casting directors, casting agents and producers. Watch out for the EVENTS page for the next upcoming in house photoshoot. 

Are you on Facebook & Instagram?

Tiny Angel Models has a dedicated business page on Facebook - //  for the general platform visitors. We have also created a dedicated parent's group -the Tiny Angel Parent's Group set up for the parents of models and talent who are under 18. The parent's group is restricted to active members and signed talent only. If you wish to join you can submit a request as soon as your membership with the agency begins. 

Our Instagram account is also available using @tinyangelmodels

Does my child need a professional portfolio once modelling?

No. When listing our models and talent we use professional systems in Spotlight and Tagmin that list the images for each person and child. Within these private online portfolios we include key information about their background, abilities and details of past and current any work they do, both photographic and video formats. Models are required to update their images regularly and if they are children under 11 measurements need to be updated also. Our agency admins aim to monitor and update these entries every month.

What happens if I am accepted?

If we are interested in bringing you or your child onboard, we may ask for more photos for children under 3 years of age. For those children over the age of three, books open twice a year and we will then ask all shortlisted children to an assessment day in London/Manchester so that we can meet them and see how they are in front of a camera. If your child is then accepted, you will be contacted by a member of the team and sent full details of the next steps.

What work could children under 17 be requested to do?

Child modelling is generally split into two sections;

1. Photographic work – magazines, catalogues, in-store materials, billboards, print and digital press adverts. 

2.Television work – commercials, films, TV series and music videos.

Is there a fee to join the agency?

There is NO joining fee. However, you are asked to cover the cost of you or your child’s website listing and storage space for Artwork. We charge the standard agency commission on work models or actors accepted through our agency. Whilst there are no fees to be represented by our agency, models/actors we represent are asked to cover their own expenses such as the professional website listing fees and photos storage space.

How much does it cost?

We do not charge a ‘registration fee’ however, we do require you to cover the cost of setting up and maintaining your child/family/sibling websites which are currently an annual fee (see memberships) for the Acting Division, which covers the following – commercials, TV, film, stage and any other jobs that aren’t photographic. If you are ONLY accepting a place on our Stills/Photographic Division a different membership applies.

This cost will be taken from your child’s first earnings in any given contract year (this includes casting and recall fees).

For those parents who already have children represented through our agency, there is a reduced membership fee available.

This applies to families of up to 3 siblings or a family membership of up to 4 people (two parents and 2 siblings) Adults have the option to set up a different membership according to their specific modelling or acting role. 

What is the standard agency commission?

With all fees (excluding travel), commissions are calculated based on the type of bookings we accept on behalf of the talent. Our agency, Tiny Angel Models Ltd (stills and photographic work) and GAP Talent Management (Film, TV and Performance bookings), receives a capped commission on each booking that starts at 20% and can reach 40% for photography from children/siblings/families. When it comes to adults our commission structure changes and our agency receives 20% for broadcast and 33.3% for photographic sessions in line with the industry standard.

Will my child be guaranteed work?

There is no definite answer to this question because there are a number of variables at play. No matter how good a talent and modelling agency is, we can never guarantee that all our models will be accepted for work. However, by having a diverse range of models in each age group, sharp photos and listing children who are not too similar, we increase the chances of models being selected by our clients. We always aim to have the highest quality of models with the least internal competition and that's why we strive to accept models that are very different. We pride ourselves in selecting children that we know will have a look and style that will appeal to our regional and international client base.

When do models or talent get payment for a completed booking?

Our standard client terms to receive payment on behalf of a model or talent is 30-45 calendar days. Once we have received payment in our company bank account our accounts payable will transfer the fee to the model(s) account within 15 days of receiving funds.

Chaperones and adults accompanying minors to our client’s location

For any television work, the chaperone would get a day rate of between £75 and £125. 

You are not normally able to claim travel back from castings or shoots. If you do a shoot outside the London M25 area then sometimes we can claim travel if it is a London based agency.

Who owns Tiny Angel Models Ltd

The agency was originally founded in 2013 but in April of 2021 the ownership of the Tiny Angel Models Ltd was bought outright and transferred to Ms Priya Patel, who now owns 100% stake of the agency as a private sole limited liability company registered in England.

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